Hi there – I’m Amy Kozak – gemstone maven, metalsmith, and dark chocolate lover.

I hope you’re here because you love special jewelry – jewelry that stands apart from the mass produced and overpriced collection at your nearest department store.

Jewelry that’s as simple as a single vibrant gemstone, as funky as New York City’s East Village storefronts, and as elegant as Grace Kelly herself.

Think about your jewelry collection. Go ahead and pull out the velvety box that holds your gems and take a peek inside…I’ll wait.

amethyst gemstone earrings

Does the collection in front of you make you want to strap on your Louboutin redbacks, a saucy little black dress and go salsa dancing?

Do your earrings make you excited to go grocery shopping– if only as a chance to show off your style?

Do you pull your just coiffed hair back into a chic ponytail in order to show off your dangling gemstones?

Does your jewelry collection scream your name? (Scream, not whisper, darling.)