I recommend soft cloth pouches or small boxes to store your jewelry in when it is not being worn; this helps to prevent your jewelry from scratching, or dulling other jewelry.

  • Use a soft, dampened cloth to clean your gemstones and gold-filled jewelry.
  • Use a special polishing cloth to clean your sterling pieces.
  • No ultrasonic cleaners or other cleaners with abrasive chemicals should be used – use warm water, mild soap, and an extra soft toothbrush to clean your colored gemstone jewelry.
  • Always remove jewelry before showering or bathing, and never swim with jewelry – if exposed to water, be sure to dry the jewelry piece immediately.
  • Jewelry may be damaged by direct contact with sprays such as hairsprays, perfumes, deodorants or detergents and salt water – so it is best if you put your jewelry on as a last step in getting ready to minimize contact with these substances