Sapphires & September

Happy Birthday to all the September babies out there!

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Sapphire is the traditional birthstone for those born in September, and the astrological birthstone for those born under the zodiac sign of Libra.


Chrysolite (aka peridot) is an alternative natal stone for September, and you can read more about that gemstone in last month’s blog post.


There are also flowers associated with birth months – for September, the flower is the morning glory.

morning glory
Sapphire is a variety if corundum that forms in many colors – all colors but red.  The red form of corundum is known as ruby.

Thought to impart clairvoyance, spiritual enlightenment and inner peace, sapphires were believed to protect your loved ones from envy and harm.

Other properties of sapphire include loyalty, trust, sincerity and faithfulness.

Aside from charts and articles I have collected over the years, the majority of the information for this post (and future posts) comes from a wonderful used book I found on gemstones by George Frederick Kunz.  In his book, Chrysolite  is listed as the gemstone for July, while sapphire is listed as the birthstone for April, so both poems are listed below.

 ‘Sentiments of The Months’:


She who from April dates her years

Diamonds should wear, lest bitter tears

For vain repentance flow.  This stone

Emblem of innocence is known.

Innocence, repentance – sun and shower –

The diamond or the sapphire is her dower.


September – Chrysolite

A maid born when September leaves

Are rustling in the autumn breeze,

A chrysolite on brow should bind – 

“Twill cure diseases of the mind.

If chrysolite upon her brow is laid,

Follies and dark delusions flee afraid.

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