Next up in the birthstone series – diamond – the birthstone for April and the astrological birthstone for those born under the zodiac sign of Taurus.  


Derived from the Greek word ‘adamastos’ the word ‘diamond’  means unbreakable.

With a reputation as the hardest substance on earth, the diamond remains a symbol of power and wealth.


In ancient times, diamonds were thought to possess magical qualities and superpowers.  A person who wore diamonds would be protected from harm, and would also possess charm, luck and success.

The Romans believed that Cupid carried diamond-tipped arrows, and that diamonds came from the tears of the gods.


While birthstone gems are commonly known, there are flowers associated with one’s birth month as well.  The flower associated for those born in April is the daisy.

Aside from charts and articles I have collected over the years, the majority of the information for this post (and future posts)  comes from a wonderful used book I found on gemstones by George Frederick Kunz.  My  favorite section of this book contains short poems for each month – ‘Sentiments of The Months’:


She who from April dates her years

Diamonds should wear, lest bitter tears

For vain repentance flow.  This stone

Emblem of innocence is known.

Innocence, repentance – sun and shower –

The diamond or the sapphire is her dower.


What’s your favorite gemstone???????

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