It’s a quarter to midnight.

You stand between the wide-open french doors of your beachfront villa. You inhale the sea breeze and listen to the crashing waves below as they dance in the moonlight.

Where is he taking me to dinner this late at night? You wonder… your long, cream-colored, chiffon dress moves with the air. It’s a moment you’ll remember forever.

the midnight hour
You’re almost ready for the planned 11:59 p.m. departure, but not quite.

You walk up to your vanity. It’s filled beautifully with lipsticks, bobby pins, and adorably tiny perfume bottles. But you know exactly what you’re looking for.

You pick up the velvet pouch, unfold it carefully, and pull out your serene, blue, chalcedony earrings.

sea blue chalcedony
As you hold them in the air to let them glow, the vanity light makes the briolettes dazzle next to the gleaming gold that holds them.

Chalcedony is known to increase vitality, emotional balance, charity, and friendship. What a magical night this could be.

You slip on each earring, look at yourself in the mirror, and smile.

There’s a knock on the door.



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