Happy birthday to all those born in July – off to the rubies!!!!!


Composed of aluminum oxide, rubies come from the corundum family of minerals. We all know diamonds are the hardest stone, but did you know rubies also carry that hardness factor – second only to diamonds.

Ruby is the birthstone for those born in July, and the astrological birthstone for those born under the zodiac sign of Leo. There are also flowers associated with birth months – the flowers for July are larkspur and the water lily.


Known as a symbol of love and passion, the ruby is thought to provide protection from danger, and provide power to the wearer.

Rubies enhance fame, virtue, health, and wisdom, while arousing the senses and imagination. These stones make the wearer bold and courageous, while providing a life of peace and harmony.

The word ruby comes from the Latin word ruber, which means red.


Aside from charts and articles I have collected over the years, the majority of the information for this post (and future posts) comes from a wonderful used book I found on gemstones by George Frederick Kunz.

In his book, turquoise is listed as the gemstone for July, while ruby is listed as the birthstone for December.  In all my other references – this is the complete opposite – as ruby is listed for July, turquoise for December – eeeek – I need some chocolate before I sort this out!!!!.

Since I will be going over turquoise in December (don’t fret – it’s not too many months away!) – I will leave the folklore of turquoise for later this year.  But, I will leave you with both poems so you can choose which is your favorite!

 ‘Sentiments of The Months’:


The heav’n-blue turquoise should adorn

All those who in July are born;

For those they’ll be exempt and free

From love’s doubts and anxiety.

No other gem than turquoise on her breast

Can to the loving, doubting heart bring rest.

‘Sentiments of The Months’:


If cold December give you birth –

The month of snow and ice and mirth –

Place on your hand a ruby true;

Success will bless whate’er you do.

December gives her fortune, love and fame

If amulet of rubies bear her name.

So there you have it – I am off to find some chocolate!

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