Gem Shopping Anyone?

Ever been to the gem show??

Several times a year Intergem holds their multi-vendor shows at different convention center locations across the US – if you love gems and jewelry – this needs to go on your to-do list right now!

These shows have a variety of vendors – mainly jewelry and watches, and jewelry supplies;  but you can also find scarf and accessory vendors, sunglasses and a variety of other things on any given day.

Intergem hosts a retail section as well as wholesale.  The wholesale section is where I run like a crazy lady head to so I can check in with my favorite stone suppliers and see what new sparkling beauties (along with my standard favorites) they have.

I have to prep myself before I go in, because as soon as I catch a glimspe of the all the stones…I turn into a squealing little girl in a candy shop – seriously – the only thing that gets me more excited than the gem show is when someone brings me chocolate!

See what I mean – all these photos were taken at ONE table – and, there are hundreds of vendors at this show – each table more tempting than the next!

I have a few gem suppliers that I go to each time – I love catching up with them and hearing about their travels with the gem show.

The next gem show here in the DC area is at National Harbor in November.  It is a smaller venue with less vendors, but I love heading to National Harbor for the gem show,  and then having lunch at one of the many great restaurants there.  Rosa Mexicano is one of my favorites – they make your guacamole fresh right at your table – yummy!!!!

So there you have it – a peek into the gem show.  Will you be heading to a gem show soon?

Let me know in the comments below.